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Contract Management
HSRL is offering you the opportunity to run your own business and be involved in one of the fastest growing retail sectors around.

Contract Manager operates our company owned petrol stations on a self-employed basis.

You will be responsible for all of the station's activities including the operation of one of our forecourt shops, overall site staffing, the sale of petrol and any other forecourt facilities.

As a Contract Manager, you'll receive training and on-going HSRL support.

You will require some initial working capital to fund the shop stock, but most of all; you will need plenty of drive to succeed in this fast growing business.

The Contract Manager is in possession of a valuable service station and of the cash received for the sale of motor fuels.

Therefore a minimum cash deposit of between £15,000 to £40,000 is required depending on the fuel volume sold from the relevant station.

What is Contract Management?

Contract Management is the method used by HSRL to operate its network of company owned service stations in the UK.

A Contract Manager is a self-employed person who derives his or her income from commission payments for the sale of motor fuel and from the business he or she runs at the service station. Payments of commission are made on a daily basis. The other business operated by the Contract Manager at the station will include the forecourt shop and may also include a car wash, vacuum and airline.

Contract Management